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Opening of the conferencePDF (pdf, 1.3 MB)

Jana Moldanová, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, BONUS SHEBA David Turner, University of Gothenburg, SOLAS Andris Andrusaitis, BONUS Secretariat



Shipping and Environment: Four Steps Forward

J. Corbett, University of Delaware, USA

Presentation available upon request. Please contact J. Corbett at:jcorbett(at)


From sky to sea: How atmospheric deposition influences marine microbial ecology and biogeochemistryPDF (pdf, 2.4 MB)

K. Mackey, University of California Irvine, USA

Session 1: Atmospheric processes 

Invited speaker: Shipping Emission and Its Impact on the Ambient Air Quality in ShanghaiPDF (pdf, 2.1 MB)

Y. Shen, Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, CN


Real-world emission factors of gaseous and particulate pollutants for marine fishing boats and estimate of their total emissions in ChinaPDF (pdf, 811.4 kB)

F. Zhang, Y. Chen, C. Tian, J. Li, G. Zhang, V. Matthias, Z. Xie


Emission factors of gases and particles from ships observed by remote measurements from fixed and airborne platformsPDF (pdf, 1.9 MB)

J. Mellqvist, V. Conde and J. Becken


Lubricating Oil as a Major Constituent of Ship Exhaust ParticlesPDF (pdf, 562 kB)

P. Eichler, M. Müller, C. Rohmann, B. Stengel, J. Orasche, R. Zimmermann and A. Wisthaler


Modelling of pleasure boat activities and emissions at the Baltic SeaPDF (pdf, 776.7 kB)

L. Johansson, J.-P. Jalkanen, E. Fridell, I. Maljutenko, E. Ytreberg, K.M. Eriksson, E. Roth and V. Fischer


Shipping and Air Quality Impacts in East AsiaPDF (pdf, 3.6 MB)

H. Liu, X.X. Jin, M.L. Fu, F.Y. Deng, Q.Xiao, Y. Shang, Y.N. Zhang, H.Y. Man, Z.F. Lv and K.B. He


Session 2: Assessments of integrated effects on environment and climate

Invited speaker: Impact of maritime transport emissions on coastal air quality in Europe: assessment and mitigation strategiesPDF (pdf, 1.3 MB)



The impact of sulphur and nitrogen emissions from shipping on exceedances of critical loads in the Baltic Sea countries

S. Jutterström, F. Moldan, M. Karl and M. Posch

Presentation available upon request. Please contact S. Jutterström at:sara.jutterstrom(at)


Impact of Shipping Emissions on the Port and the City of HamburgPDF (pdf, 2.4 MB)

A. Beiersdorf, M. Lebmeier and A. Heitmann


Cost-benefit analysis of NOx control for ships in the Baltic Sea and the North SeaPDF (pdf, 761.1 kB)

C. Ågren, K. Yaramenka, H. Winnes, S. Åström and E. Fridell


A Novel Approach to Holistic Environmental Assessment of ShipsPDF (pdf, 542.9 kB)

M. Gibson, A.J. Murphy and K. Pazouki


Session 3: Marine processes

Sooty ship: particle composition and impact on phytoplanktonPDF (pdf, 1.4 MB)

Z. Shi, C. Zhang, N. Davidson, H. Gao, J. Moldanova and Y. Chen


Bilge water emissions in the Baltic SeaPDF (pdf, 699.5 kB)

K. Magnusson, J.-P. Jalkanen, L. Johansson, V. Smailys, P. Telemo, H. Winnes


Anthropogenic very short-lived halocarbons from ballast water treatment and their environmental impactPDF (pdf, 588.6 kB)

J. Maas, S. Tegtmeier, A. Biastoch and B. Quack


Session 4: Noise

Invited speaker: Noise generation of commercial ships PDF (pdf, 2.2 MB)

D. Wittekind, DW-ShipConsult GmbH, DE


Underwater Radiated Noise Measurements on a Chemical TankerMeasurements at Sea-Trials compared to Model-Scale Tests and CFDPDF (pdf, 2.6 MB)

J. Hallander, D-Q. Li and T. Johansson


Behavioural responses of fish on underwater noise – experimental approaches PDF (pdf, 1.2 MB)

H. Peltonen, T. Tikka, R. Puntila, J. Lilja and J. Pajala


Session 5: Socioeconomic aspects and policies

Invited speaker: Regional Approach on Marine Emissions Reduction in Pearl River Delta Region, China PDF (pdf, 772.7 kB)

P. Louie, EPD Hong Kong, CN


NOX Abatement in the Baltic Sea – An Evaluation of Different Policy Instruments PDF (pdf, 645.3 kB)

R. Parsmo, K. Yaramenka, H. Winnes and E. Fridell


SECA Regulation: Co-operation Alignment Strategies for Maritime SectorPDF (pdf, 1.1 MB)

S. Atari, E.O. Olaniyi and G.K. Prause


Arctic Maritime Shipping: Marine Invasive Species Economics in the Artic Council Context PDF (pdf, 609.6 kB)

L.M. Fernandez and B.A. Kaiser




AP02: Sulphur emission compliance monitoring of ships in German watersPDF (pdf, 4.8 MB)

A. Weigelt, L. Kattner, B. Mathieu-Ueffing, A. Seyler, F. Wittrock, and S. Schmolke


AP05: Different regulations to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from ships and their effect on future air quality in the Baltic Sea region PDF (pdf, 3.3 MB)

M. Karl, J. Bieser, B. Geyer, E. Fridell and V. Matthias


AP08: Population exposure to emissions from ships and from residential heating in the urban agglomeration of Gdansk-Gdynia PDF (pdf, 2.7 MB)

M.O.P. Ramacher and M. Karl


AP09: The impact of emissions from ships in the Gothenburg area on urban scale air quality and human health PDF (pdf, 2.6 MB)

M.O.P. Ramacher, J. Moldanova, L. Tang, and M. Karl 


MP05: Employing high resolution nitrogen deposition data from atmospheric chemistry transport model simulations in ecosystem model studies with HBM-ERGOMPDF (pdf, 517.5 kB)

D. Neumann, T. Neumann and H. Radtke


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